Choose the right plan for your store

Sensai charges only for the number
of sessions you need to analyze.



Per month
*Early adopter price


Per month
*Early adopter price

3 months of historical data

Simple and easy to unsderstand reports

Actionable insights

Google Ads campaign editor



Per month
*Early adopter price


Per month
*Early adopter price

All the free plan features

Understand your attribution

Create your own insights

Products report

Create custom funnels



Per month
*Early adopter price


Per month
*Early adopter price

How many monthly visits do you have on your store?

All the startup plan features

Predictive analytics

Customer segmentation

Budget Allocation



Free Startup Pro
Unlimited data Only 3 months
General dashboard
Google Ads campaign editor
Sales stats
Metrics by source and channel
Metrics by coupons
Metrics by device
Metrics by shipping
Custom insights -
Products dashboards -
Metrics by products -
Facebook audiences -
Custom audience builder - -
Customer Lifetime Value - -
Budget allocation - -

Frequently asked questions

Want to ask something from us?

There is no contract. If you choose a monthly plan, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. If you re on a yearly plan, you have to pay for the whole year.

Yes, there is. However, the functionalities are limited. See the chart above to know exactly which features you can access with each plan.

We cover a wide rance of integrations, such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Analytics... To see the full list, please visit our integrations page.

Please contact us. We might be working on that integration right now! If not, we can always schedule it for development.

Give us a call! We ll be happy to help you out :)