For all our customers whose stores are hosted in the VTEX platform, we are very excited to announce that we're working on a new functionality that will help you grow your store even easier!

We present list exportation directly to VTEX promotions. Promotions are a feature VTEX offers to their customers, so they can configure very specific promotions to be applied to their customers, allowing segmentation via numerous fields, such as email, birthday, previous purchases, order value, specific products, etc.

Even on their own, these promotions are a great way to increase sales, create and reward loyalty from customers, and help with customer retention.

However, unite them to the power of Sensai and you have an unstoppable tool!

Why? Two main reasons:

  1. CLV segmentation

You can now send a promotion to a specific cluster of customers, based on the AI-predicted CLV model we have. This way you can send a promotion to your top users to incentivize the sale of a new product, or to get them to bundle up that purchase they were gonna make, increasing their AOV.

You could also send a promotion to customers who are at risk of leaving you, to make them happy and give them a reason to stay.

Or you could send your special deals to your safe customers, to make them feel special and reward their loyalty.

There are many possibilities, make sure you explore all of them!

2. Custom list segmentation

This is the star of the show, 'cause now you can send a promotion directly on your store's platform only to users who have taken special actions that you decide in the creation of the list: having bought that coffee machine that needs these capsules that you're just pushing to the market; having spent over $1,000; having purchased a household item but also a fashion accessory, etc.

The way these promotions work with our lists is we take one of the lists you already know and love from our platform, and then tag your customers in the VTEX platform to let the system know those are customers that will receive the promotion. Then you create the promotion, segment it the way you want (to apply to all products, to specific categories, to certain merchants, etc), and with a couple of clicks, you have a new marketing campaign, tailor made, super segmented, active (or scheduled) on your site!

Try the promotion tool now from our app, in the CLV section!