See how the different audiences in an adset behave and compare.

In this section, you choose one of the adsets you are running, to see every audience it contains, and how its metrics compare to their best-ever value.

The metrics you see are CPC, CPM and revenue, because those are the most influential for ROAS. As you can see in the example, we are looking at the adset 'int fb ig - Copia'. This adset has many audiences: 'interaccion fb', 'Lookalike (MX,1%) - interaccion fb', 'Interaccion ig', 'Lookalike (MX,1%) - Interaccion ig'... Now, seeing the audiences like this, you can compare the CPC you are having right now with the best CPC value 'interaccion fb' has ever had, and with that of all the other audiences.

The ‘top’ information corresponds to the adset containing audience X, and that had the best ROAS of all adsets containing audience X.

This dashboard helps you understand if a specific audience is suitable for a certain adset: if the current performance across metrics is close to the audience’s top performance, there’s a really good chance that the audience is suitable for the adset, and most likely it will generate a good ROAS.

There will be times when you see the current adset performing better than the top adset. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong: this happens because an audience could have had the best ROAS when the CPC was at .30. Maybe your current adset has a CPC of .20, but the ROAS is much lower. This could indicate many things: for example that this audience is more suitable to instagram, where the CPC is more expensive.